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Camera | Speaker | Microphone

Tools for business professionals

  • Integration

The perfect combination of camera, speaker, and microphone

  • Voice Tracking

Provides a face-to-face experience with 6 microphones that track audio, combined with a camera facing the speaker in realtime

  • Face Detection

Capture the speaker naturally, precisely, and clearly

  • Non-Deformation Wide Angle Lens

Capture 120 degrees around the room without distortion

  • Built-in Loudspeaker

Crystal clear sound with 2 speakers

  • Audio Processing

Clearly pick up sound at a distance of 6 meters with the latest technology, support AEC, AGC, ANS processing

  • 4K ULTRA HD Resolution

8 Megapixel camera, capturing 4K Ultra HD

  • Low Noise & High SNR

Low noise with a very high SNR

  • Work with Most Conferencing Apps

Easily connects to a wide range of conferencing apps,

such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex

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Suitable for medium-sized meeting rooms (6-12 persons)

*Meeting Simulation

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