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Core Distributor of GONSIN

hoshi symbol_OL-17.png

Conferencing server

  • FS-FHSS frequency selecting-and-hopping technology

Uses FS-FHSS frequency with selecting-and-hopping technology

  • High-efficient digital audio lossless compression

High-efficient digital audio that provides lossless compression

  • The prefect sound quality : Treble and bass compensation

Perfect sound quality through treble and bass compensation

  • OLED display panel, Compact 1 U chassis design

OLED display, compact 1U chassis design, and enables up to 4 microphones at the same time

  • Unified server shutdown function

Unified server shutdown function with audio and video recording support

(requires video capture card)

  • Digital control framework & High-speed CPU

Fully digitized signal with a high-speed CPU according to international standard IEC60914

  • Ensure the privacy of communication

Uses GSSC to ensure user privacy and prevent eavesdropping

  • Optional HD video camera tracking matrix

Get HD camera tracking from a pre-set view

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